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Meet Gerry White

Gerry is an Associate Dean of Educational Technology, a Social Networking Academic and Consultant, a Mobile and Web Application Developer, Graphic Artist, Author, Composer, and Teacher.

He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Old Dominion University. He also attended the Virginia Governor's Magnet School for the Arts at ODU and NSU.

He has several years of industry experience in the graphics and media technology industries. Some of his work in these areas include 3D modeling and animation for crime scene recreation and simulations, graphic and web design and development, video production, and social network integration. Still, teaching is his true passion, and his students drive him to always push the cutting edge of all related technologies so that education stays relevant to students' lives. Some of his work with these technologies include educational game development, social network protection workshops and seminars, mobile (iPhone and Android) and web application development, digital data technology protection solutions, and the mentoring of several students in mobile application and game development.

Gerry's work is driven by modern mobile technologies & their implications on education, information, individuals, business, & our society, including private information shared on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, & Google+, just to name a few. "People need to know that whatever they type on their phone & share is potentially being shared with the world."

"I am also passionate about educating people on how to develop and utilize user friendly modern mobile and augmented technologies. We need to embrace these new tools and balance our usage with our anonymity and not be afraid to be creative."

Most recently He began delivering completely mobile synchronous educational sessions. This type of technology allows us to maintain & even augment all the crucial parts of traditional education such as student teacher one-one-one interaction, lively and cooperative class discussion, and social relationships and experiences amongst peer learners all in a synchronous format. It also allows us to make what has never been hands on (simply reading a textbook or listening to a lecture), a new and completely interactive and hands-on experience. So now, geography is not an issue and quality education and training can reach anywhere to anyone in the world.

I have also recently begun developing Augmented Reality solutions for the classroom. "The future is now, & once devices like Google Glass hit consumers, the Augmented Reality revolution will begin to truly impact our world, not only in education, but in countless other areas of our lives; the space between us and our content will slowly disappear."

Gerry also loves writing. He has published several poems including many books available in iBook and eBook formats as well as in print. His first love for the arts was music, however. He has recorded several CD's. The lastest of which is a compilation entitled Past Approaching Future. His current work is on an all acoustic CD due at in the summer of 2014.

Gerry White
English & Music
ECPI University
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Work Experience

ECPI University

Associate Dean


Research, develop, and impliment new emerging technologies for use in the classroom. Train faculty and facilitate the use of of these technologies as productive tools inside and outside the classroom.

Department Chair


Manage and mentor all Arts & Sciences Faculty providing leadership in all our initiatives: Student/Teacher Communication, Active, Social, and Collaborative Learning, Mobile Technolgies, and various tutoring centers.

English Professor


Effectively communicate to students the need to understand the importance of the relationship between writing, their lives, and technology. Awarded Teacher of the Year by the Virginia Career College Association and ECPI Univeristy, 2007 and Innovative Teacher of The Year Award, 2006, 2010, and 2011.

Axe Apps

Director of Research & Development


Manage, Design, and Develop Mobile and Desktop Native and Web Apps and Games.

Old Dominion University

English Instructor


Taught various sections of General Studies & English: Literature, Composition, Argument/Rhetoric, and Research. Served on the Composition Committee and at The Writing Center






Web Design


Web Development


App & Game Development



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  • Interactive Texts

    Gerry is currently working with several technologies in order to design and develop ineteractive Textbooks. Still, the work textbook seems to be lacking when it comes to these great learning tools. These new emerging codices come in many forms: iBooks, ePubs, vPubs, and Acroos Platform WebApp HTML5 forms of these works. It is an exciting time where students can interact and communicate with material; they can play their new textbooks like games.

  • Mobile Classes

    Gerry is currently piloting completely mobile classes, ECPI AnyWare.These technologies allow us to maintain and even augment all the crucial parts of traditional education such as student teacher one-one-one interaction, lively and cooperative class discussion, and social relationships and experiences amongst peer learners all in a synchronous format.

    The future of anything driven, like education, with technology is mobile. We want to continuing offering quality edcation and enhancing life long learning where it counts, definitely in our communities, but in the digital spaces as well. We need to meet the students where they are at. For years, we have been succeding with our use of videos, games, social networks, etc. So this is just the next step in the evolution of an ever changing educatinal landscape where geography has become all but obsolete. Or mobile classes will give our students the freedom to pursue other dreams while pursuing their life long dream of education. This will allow them to better use their time and connect the education they are participating in with the real world they live in, at the same time, AnyWare.

  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality has been around for a while now. However, all the technologies needed to impliment this in education are finally coming to fruition. Gerry has created a small pilot using various technologies associated with AR. Points of Interest receptors (POI) are stationed throughout the university’s Virginia Beach campus, where students and prospective students can point Apple or Android technology phones and tablets to explore their educational and career interests, including the university’s degrees. The POI’s will also soon show 3-D content and interactive robot-guided tours, and can be downloaded or photographed and emailed anywhere to anyone who has a Layer app.

    With wearable computing just now coming online, the educational applications of AR are endless. Students can walkaround with some vGlass technology and be totally immersed in the class. “This not only has endless applications for education, but for business as well,” White says. “You’re interacting with content, almost like gaming. We’ll also augment laboratory equipment and machines, where you’ll be able to see and identify the inner workings and components right from you mobile device. The space in between us and content is going to soon disappear.”


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